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For as long as human history has been recorded, men have aspired to be the alpha male. Each era has idols that represented this level of masculine achievement. The most well-known from the Greeks was Adonis, the god of youth and virility.

Fast forward a few centuries and our idols have stripped the togas and now sport three-piece suits. From legends like Cary Grant and Clark Gable, to the gentleman of screenings such as James Bond and Don Draper; we continue to aspire towards the level of sophistication that all these men share, while maintaining our unique character.

With that said, even the slickest suit cannot hide bad hygiene or unsightly facial hair. This is why personal grooming has been and continues to be an important part of the gentleman's daily routine. 

Adonis Americana is a place where a man can have the personalized experience of recording the highest quality grooming implements in a simple and convenient fashion. We strive to supply the modern gentlemen with new and unique products that help achieve his high standard of personal care.

Welcome to Adonis Americana, the attainable luxury of looking and feeling your best.

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